Signature Series

At DYEDBRO we like to make frame protectors to match every rider’s style. When it comes to our pro riders we like creating something truly special for them, matching their personality. Now you can have these same designs that the pros ride.

Pro rider

Dyedbro X Anthony Napo

Anthony Napolitan is an X-Games BMX medalist and the Dew Cup champion that recently has been enjoying some off-road time on his MTB.

Here is his Signature Series design available in MTB or BMX.

Pro rider

Dyedbro X Sergio Layos

DYEDBRO is a product created by riders for riders. Many of the designs are provided by professional riders who want to make their bike more exclusive.

Pro rider

Dyedbro X Teresa Williams

Teresa is one of the most promising female riders in the world. She combines a lot of flow with big airs effortlessly, which has helped her claim the top spots of the prestigious Vans BMX pro cup several times. A girl with such style deserves her own frame protector, and here you guys have it, the Tere Williams signature model.

Pro rider

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